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Flore & Folk

An online platform offering online seasonal yoga practices and nature-led guidance to reconnect and realign with nature's seasons and cycles.


Flore & Folk | Paige Alicia

I'm Paige, a late 20's girl residing in the rolling hills of Northumberland. I’m a yoga teacher, massage therapist and ayurvedic consultant by trade and have been working in the wellbeing industry since 2017.

For the past ten years I've lived in valleys, jungles and mountains. Where life flows, I go. Nature is always calling me. Everything I share is rooted in Indian Folklore, Ayurveda. Wisdom passed down from generation to generation sharing the secrets to holistic living.

Flore & Folk is a nature-led platform offering support and tools to reconnect and retune to the rhythms and cycles of life. It provides services for those seeking a nature-led life including holistic guidance and e-courses. There are tonics - personalised yoga and massage offerings for moments of pause as well as an online yoga membership that connects us to nature and shares how we can apply what we learn on that mat into everyday living. Each service is an opportunity to reconnect to an intentional, purposeful and harmonious life.