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Qappy Life

Science-backed wellbeing boxes to promote a happier and healthier life, covering themes such as Living Mindfully or Connecting with Nature.
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Qappy Life | Irina Iovita

Qappy was founded by Irina , Pontus and Rickard three London-based, decade-long friends.

We started Qappy because we believe the journey to happiness shouldn't be expensive, time consuming or tedious. We're not just another self-care box or meditation app. We uniquely combine a fun and practical happiness box with high quality digital content to help you commit to your well-being and discover habits that work.​

Studies show that connecting with nature, improving sleep or adopting habits such as mindfulness or gratitude can have a massive impact on your mental and physical health. You can re-train your brain through neuroplasticity and achieve lower anxiety, improved mood and overall better health.

But how do you find out what works best for you? And where do you start?

This is where we come in. We worked with neuroscientists and psychologists to develop practical happiness. So try one of our boxes today, it's perfect for self-care or as a truly unique gift for someone you love.

The Qappy boxes come accompanied by high quality, curated digital content to help anyone commit to their well-being and discover habits that work in practice. In each box, you will find:

• 1 to 3 crafts with detailed guidance and materials to get started

• 5+ fun activity suggestions so you can pick-and-choose what works for you

• Unique meditations, Spotify playlists and instructional step-by-step videos

• Access to curated online content (science articles, videos, and podcasts)

• High quality treats, candles and snacks, supporting local businesses

The crafts were carefully selected to help cultivate active rest and offer much-needed screen free activity ideas. You can assemble a beautiful Zen Garden, grow your herb garden, carve a soap or try origami.