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The Raw Soap Co.

Rich, creamy soap bars and shampoo bars made from happy goat milk coming to you from the green pastures of East Sussex. In various wonderful fragrances like Seaweed & Thyme, Chamomile & Calendula, Honey & Oatmeal and Wholemeal Lavender.


The Raw Soap Company | Amy Thomas

I'm Amy and The Raw Soap Company was created in 2014, born from the vision to sustainably use milk from our herd of Anglo-Nubian goats. In addition to drinking the milk daily and making cheeses for our family, the ever increasingly talked about benefits of goat’s milk soap soon filled our imagination. When combined with locally produced oils and botanicals, we realised we could turn this beautifully creamy milk into high quality soaps, that not only are completely natural, but also support the rural businesses that help supply us. 

We are based across two locations, in East Sussex where the goats live and in Bristol, where our soap studio is. Our small herd of goats browse in the sunshine on our chemical free, herb rich pastures, producing the creamiest and happiest milk, which we use as the basis for all of our traditional cold-process soaps.

We hope you will enjoy our soaps as much as we do!