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Selen Living | Alexandra

My name is Alex and I'm on a mission to kickstart the sustainable luxury revolution.

Quite the modern cliche, we traded London life for the rolling Somerset countryside and after 6 months of doing the big commute, I finally cut the strings in the summer of 2018.

Working in the luxury retail sector for over a decade, our rate of consumption and desire for luxury at any cost were becoming increasingly uncomfortable, and I started to realise that I had a responsibility - to myself and my children - to start driving the change that I wanted to see, rather than just waiting for it to come along.

I'm a firm believer that you needn't compromise on luxury for the sake of sustainability, so I have made it my mission to partner with the very best independent brands across the British Isles in order to curate an offer that my customers can shop confidently in the knowledge that their money is going to makers who are truly invested in making as little impact as possible on the natural world, and in many cases actively striving to leave it in a better position than it was when they started.

I work with British brands not because I think we do things better than anyone else, but because I think shopping closer to home is key to sustainable living.

Everyone ought to be able to treat themselves - true luxury is about the quality, not the price tag. In fact when you buy from smaller brands you are usually getting a better product for a lower price. These are people who love what they do and pour their heart and soul into it; they are at the top of their game and that shows in what they produce. It's a joy to work with them all!

Sustainability without compromise - that's our ethos, and I hope you'll join us!

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