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Springfield Textiles

Boho nighties made from hand-blockprinted cotton, guaranteeing a cool and roomy sleep, available in two sizes and six different fabrics.


Springfield Textiles | Fiona Evans

I’m Fiona. Some years ago I was suddenly admitted to hospital with a heart condition. Whilst I was in there the nightwear I had was either too hot or non-existant!

I’ve since been on the eternal hunt for a nightie that makes me feel feminine yet not flouncy and a bit boho for that ‘sitting around the campfire’ feel. The boho nightie was born! This garment has already had glowing endorsements from people who again stated that they have always wanted something that many high street shops just don’t stock.

I love the roominess of the design in the gorgeous hand printed Indian cotton giving this garment a special feeling of uniqueness and originality. I’m in love with mine and I hope you will be too.