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The Slow Living Guide is a carefully curated directory of small sustainable businesses around the UK and slow living inspiration.

Find beautiful, sustainably crafted products from small independent makers, services to support your wellbeing in both life and work, lovely cosy places to visit and a lot of useful resources when you’re looking to slow down in this fast paced world.

Make yourself a cuppa, get comfortable and have a leisurely browse through the directory and our other slow living inspiration!


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Seasonal Slow – Autumn

We’re celebrating Autumn, the season of colder temperatures & warm colours, darkness & candles, wood fires & foraging. There’s so much to enjoy about this time of year and I’ve created a list of ideas and inspiration to make the most of it in a slow and gentle way.

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4 Smart Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners

4 Smart Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners

It’s most likely you started your business because you love your craft, like to create beautiful wares, enjoy interacting with your customers and get to live the lifestyle you dream about. If only the business would market itself, right?

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How Life Is A Game Of Connecting The Dots | Vanessa Simpson

How Life Is A Game Of Connecting The Dots | Vanessa Simpson

Vanessa Simpson is a photographer living in rural Somerset. Slowly building her photography business and looking back at the path that lead to where she finds herself today, she realises how the thread of her life’s encounters and events remind her of the game of connecting the dots.

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Your business listed on The Slow Living Guide?

The Slow Living Guide is a directory and meeting place for the slow living community. It brings together small independent businesses that inspire to embrace a slower pace of life and a sustainable lifestyle and puts them in front of those that are seeking ways to do just that.

Does that sound like a place your business would feel at home? Read more about listing your business on The Slow Living Guide.

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