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Forest bathing – Claire Branigan

Claire Branigan is a wellbeing coach, mindfulness teacher and shinrin-yoku (forest bathing) practitioner. Through her work she helps middle years women connect with both themselves and nature, prioritise self-care and realise their true...

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Preparing Your Garden For Spring

Winter is a frustrating time to be a gardener. It’s a period of enforced idleness, where you spend your days looking longingly out of rain splattered windows, and walking over frost-hardened soil wondering what treasures...

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Making The Most Of The Last Days Of Winter

There is something lovely about leaning into these last precious days of winter. Of making the most of a final guilt-free Sunday, cosied up in bed or under a pile of blankets on the settee, comforted by the knowledge that there is nothing better...

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A Slow And Meaningful Valentine

At first glance Valentine’s Day is not an obvious celebration for those with a slow living mindset. Yet, at its heart - beneath the pink fluff and generic vacuous messages - it’s a celebration of love. A chance to show the ones you love...

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Wholehearted parenting – Bex Massey

Bex Massey is the founder of Bramble & Fox, an online lifestyle shop that’s all about ‘hygge’: practising gratitude and celebrating the little things in life. After a dark period in her life dealing with infertility and a miscarriage, she’s now...

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Burns Night: A Mid-Winter Celebration

Celebrating the life and work of Scotland’s national bard, Burns' Night on January 25 is a welcome festivity in what can otherwise be a bleak and austere month. A chance to gather with friends, warm yourself with whisky and...

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Gardens and wellbeing – Sarah Layton

Sarah is the founder of Growthfully, a unique business that helps women to make the most of their gardens, and create a space that can nurture and nourish them throughout the year. It combines her previous careers as a garden designer and...

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6 Ways To Slow Down On Your City Trip

I love travelling and exploring new places, but I must admit that I often find city trips pretty exhausting. Too much traffic and noise, too many people and queues. Yet last year, my son and I took a city trip to Paris together, and I actually...

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Minimalism and motherhood – Beth Henson

Beth Henson is a minimalist, mother, and the creator of Someday Slower, a blog sharing the lessons she and her family have learnt from slowing down, simplifying and living with more intention. She writes beautifully about the challenges and...