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Homepage feature

In the spotlight for a month!
Every month, the directory homepages are refreshed with 6-8 brands in the slider which appears at the top of the page and is the first thing site visitors see when they browse the directory. Your brand could be up here too! If you are featured in the slider, your main image will show and vistors can click through to your business page directly

Smart moments to be featured on the homepage:
↟ When you’re launching new products or services
↟ When you want some extra attention for your brand in general
↟ When it’s the right timing in the year for your particular offering (candles in Autumn, gifts for December, gardens in Spring, etc.)

£ 50 per month

Book homepage feature?
You can book your homepage feature by filling in the form below. 

Tip: make sure your business page is up to date! 

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