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We can all use some help with running our small brands, can’t we? Have a look at the wonderful resources below from fellow members. As a member of TSLG they are kindly offering you a discount on their products or services.


Ebook 'Social Media For Small Business Owners' by Astrid Bracke
With this ebook Astrid helps you reframe your relationship with social media and the role it plays in your business. It will help you to examine what it is that is currently making you feel overwhelmed, stressed, burnt out, not enough or simply icky from using social media–and make a plan to feel more purposeful + intentional around the role of social media in your business.

10% member discount with code SLOWMEDIA10
'Joyful Instagram Audit' by Heiter Online Consulting
Let’s make Instagram a joyful experience for you (again)! Katharina will analyse your Instagram account and then provide feedback in a 30min 1o1 call with you. In this call you will focus on what you do well and what brings you joy (Heiterkeit) on Instagram. You will also chat about how you can use the findings to market yourself and your brand going forward.

10% member discount with code SLOWHEITER10