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As a member of TSLG, you have access to four online workshops per year. I invite guest speakers to share their expertise on different topics that are related to running a small business. All workshops are tailored to our community and aimed at helping you move your business forward. 

You can follow the workshops live or watch the replay. All previous workshops will remain available to you here on this page.

I’m currently working on the line up for this year. These expert guests have already accepted the invitation to lead a workshop. I’m very much looking forward to having them share their knowledge with us! I will update this calendar when more information is available.

Wed 08 September 2021 | 08.30pm – 09.45pm
with Josephine Brooks


20 May 2021
JOYFUL ONLINE PRESENCE with Katharina from Heiter Magazine
Based on more than 10 years’ experience in the fashion industry and about 5 years running heiter magazine, Katharina knows that presenting products and services online can be effective and joyful. In webinars and 1o1 sessions, Katharina helps brands figure out what online presence strategies work best for them and how they can use them in a gentle and heiter way. In this workshop, Katharina helps you identify the marketing tools that bring you joy, she offers strategies and tips how to use social media as part of your customer service (and feel good about it) and she explains the power of making your online business an enjoyable experience for your audience.