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30 Sep 2022 | Crochet Workshop (online)

with Anna Robbins  |  hosted by heiter magazine

Heiter Session: Crochet Workshop With Anna Robbins

We offer heiter sessions to make your everyday life a little bit more heiter. Our September session is going to be all about crochet and takes place on the 30th of September 2022 at 10.30am BST | 11.30am CET on zoom.

In the session, Anna Robbins from Homebird Craft will guide us through the basics of the beautiful and versatile craft. We’ll use what we learn to embellish a plant pot or jar to create a unique piece for your home or to give a gift. This relaxed and friendly session will be suitable for complete beginners, but if you already have crochet skills you are very welcome to join us. The plant hanger is a bit more involved, so this is an option if you have a little experience.

The zoom link for the session will be sent out via email a few days prior to the session. A replay will be available for all ticket holders (including the ones who cannot join live).

Date: 30th September 2022
Time: 10.30 am BST | 11.30 am CET
Place: online
£ 19

About Heiter Magazine

Heiter is a magazine that is all about helping you find and celebrate joyful moments in daily life. It focuses on the different aspects of a mindful lifestyle. Heiter sessions are part of the Heiter Society, a membership community that encourages heiter moments through creative & mindful workshops, networking sessions and more.

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Event details

Fri 30th September 2022

10.30 am BST

£ 19

Hosted by
Heiter Magazine


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