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16 Jun 2022 | Business | Rooting Into The Spirit Of Your Business (online)

with Kathryn Ho  |  hosted by heiter magazine

Heiter Business Session: Rooting Into The Spirit Of Your Business

Supporting the small business owners within the heiter community has always been an important part of our work here at heiter magazine. This year we’re trying to help by offering Heiter (or Anti-Overwhelm) Business Sessions for them.

The sessions are run by business coaches and experts that assist you in reducing the noise out there and focusing on what’s important in running your business: your well-being and skills.

This online session, that is run on the 16th of June at 10.30AM BST | 11.30AM CET by life coach (for creatives) Kathryn Ho, is about helping you feel connected to the spirit of your business. And by ‘spirit’, Kathryn means whatever you want it to mean. This could be its essence or personality; that feeling that drives you to create; or you could choose to view the spirit of your business as the presence of a different entity. It’s completely up to you.

We’ll go through a number of reflective exercises that invite you to explore the relationship between you and your business: what feels nourishing, what feels supportive, and what might want tending to?

We’ll also explore how you can invoke the spirit of your business and how you can remain connected to it in times of challenge and difficulty. What environments and activities help you feel connected and inspired?

You will need pen and paper (and whatever else you love to use) to take notes. There will also be room for group discussion as this is often where the magic, unintended learnings happen.

You will receive a zoom link to attend the session a few days prior to the event (via email). There will also be a replay available for everyone (including those of you who cannot make it live).

Date: 16th June 2022
Time: 10.30 am BST | 11.30 am CET
Place: online
£ 24

About Heiter Magazine

Heiter is a magazine that is all about helping you find and celebrate joyful moments in daily life. It focuses on the different aspects of a mindful lifestyle. Heiter sessions are part of the Heiter Society, a membership community that encourages heiter moments through creative & mindful workshops, networking sessions and more.

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Event details

Thu 16th June 2022

10.30 am BST

£ 24

Hosted by
Heiter Magazine


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