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Running a small business is not exactly slow living in the sense of living slowly. It’s a lot of work, it requires determination and stamina, it’s lonely sometimes and you are supplier, business developer, marketeer, bookkeeper, webmaster and customer service at the same time.

But…you get to choose your own hours, all decisions are yours, it fuels your creativity, making your product or delivering your services is mindful and meaningful work that is highly fulfilling and overall it allows you to live the lifestyle you really long for.


Or do you find yourself regularly wondering…

↟ How to get your business in front of the right audience?
↟ How to get people to know you and what you’re about?

Are you frustrated by…

↟ The amount of time and effort you have to spend on getting your brand noticed and not really seeing the results?
↟ The feeling of having to do it all alone and not gaining any momentum?

Would you rather…

↟ Feel supported and be part of something bigger that just yourself? 
↟ Spend time on what you love doing the most – creating your product or delivering your services, making your customers happy and enjoy time with your family or by yourself?

Then join The Slow Living Guide!

The Slow Living Guide is a platform that brings together small businesses with a slow living ethos and makes it easier for the right people to find them.



TSLG offers your business a home among like-minded businesses. By bundling forces of small sustainable businesses and publishing inspirational content with its values at heart, it’s a hub for the slow living community.


People that visit TSLG are interested in slow, simple and seasonal living, sustainability, enjoying the little things in life, cosiness and buying from small businesses. They know that’s exactly what they’re going to find here. If that’s your people, then there’s no easier way to reach them!


TSLG aims to make browsing the site a delightful and relaxing moment for its visitors. Just add a cuppa and enjoy some time to yourself! Your business is presented on a beautifully designed dedicated webpage that showcases the best of you and what you have to offer.


If you’d like to draw some extra attention to your brand, there are various options to generate more exposure, including homepage advertising, giveaways, social media mentions and newsletter features.


An attractive mix of new brands and more established brands makes sure that both profit from each other’s presence. If you’re a starter you benefit from the reputation of established brands, and if you’ve been around a little bit longer you are discovered by people that are interested in new brands.


As a member of TSLG, you have access to four online workshops per year. I invite guest speakers to share their expertise on different topics that are related to running a small business. All masterclasses are tailored to our community and aimed at helping you move your business forward.


↟ The values of this platform resonate with you and…
↟ You want to be where your audience is and spend less time looking for your people;
↟ You want your brand to be found among and bundle forces with like-minded brands;
↟ You want to generate more exposure for your brand and product and have another online touchpoint for your potential customers;
↟ You want your business to be in front of an audience that’s interested in slow living, a sustainable lifestyle and buying from small independent ethical brands;
↟ You want to be part of a movement that celebrates slow, simple, soulful and sustainable in this fast-paced era of mass-consumption.

If one or more of these apply to you then please read on – you’re in the right place!


Hello! I’m Marjolyn, founder of The Slow Living Guide. I created this platform because I wanted to bring together those seeking and those offering inspiration, products and services with a slow living ethos.

My personal journey led me to believe we need to redefine success in this fast-paced world. That we shouldn’t always strive for more, bigger and faster, but instead make time for the things that really matter to us, simplify our homes and lives, choose eco-friendly options and be mindful if and where we spend our money. Thoughtfully designed products and services, sustainably made goods and personal connection are important to treasure and support in this age of fast living and mass-consumption.

A growing number of people is seeking to embrace a slower, more sustainable lifestyle and would love to buy from small businesses that share their values. With The Slow Living Guide it’s my intention to help them find small independent brands with a slow living ethos while supporting these brands by raising their visibility.

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Living at a slower pace, making time to enjoy what matters most to you and feeling good about it is the essence of this website. TSLG supports independent small businesses that embrace the elements of slow living both in their life and work and inspire by sharing their journey.

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When you think of it, there’s really not so much that you need in order to be happy. This site is about enjoying the simple things and simplifying your life. No fancy or complicated lifestyle must haves or must do’s to be found here.

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All content on this site comes from people who have a heartfelt desire to make a positive change in the world, who encourage you to live your best life and who advocate finding the joy in small things every day.

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It’s important to pay attention to and take care of the world around us. Sustainability is an important part of the slow living ethos. TSLG supports small businesses that make a genuine effort to limit their impact on the environment.


The Slow Living Guide offers different directory memberships to cater for different business needs.

START membership
Ideal for starting businesses with a small budget. This membership offers the benefits of having another marketing touchpoint online, the link to your website (and social media) that helps with your SEO, have your news shared on TSLG social channels and access to the live quarterly business workshops. And of course you’d be part of a wonderful group of likeminded brands! The START membership is offered at an introductory rate for the first year, after which the normal rate applies. Your investment grows with your business.

STANDARD membership
Ideal for brands that would like to show more of themselves. You’ll enjoy the same benefits as described with the START membership but with extra images and extra links to your website. This allows you to showcase your brand, products or services and direct visitors directly to your shop, blog and/or newsletter. You’ll have acces to the live quarterly workshops, the replay library and member benefits with special offers. Your business is shown in the directory before the START members and you’ll receive a discount of 25% on the TSLG’s online event fee.


Initial set up of your dedicated business page
Listing of business page including:
↟ link to your website
↟ link to Instagram or Facebook
1 image for header
↟ about text
↟ promotional banner
Login to member area to manage your listing
Introduction on TSLG social media + newsletter
Monthly and annual plan *
(minimum 6-month subscription + after that unsubscribe every month with the monthly plan)
TSLG member badge
Quarterly members-only workshops with selected speakers to help you move your business forward
(live access only)

£ 10 / month *
£ 110 / year *
*Please note: this price is for the first 12 months, after that the membership fee will be £ 15 / month or £ 165 / year.


Initial set up of your dedicated business page
Listing of business page including:
↟ link to your website
↟ link to Instagram or Facebook
↟ up to 8 images for header
↟ about text
↟ promotional banner
up to 3 extra links (shop, blog, newsletter, etc.)
Login to member area to manage your listing
Introduction on TSLG social media + newsletter
Monthly and annual plan
(minimum 6-month subscription + after that unsubscribe every month with the monthly plan)
TSLG member badge
Quarterly members-only workshops with selected speakers to help you move your business forward
(live access + replay library)
Listing in directory before START members
Access to member benefits
(discount on products and services)
25% discount on online event fees

£ 19 / month
£ 199 / year


‘It is wonderful to be part of TSLG small business community. It’s a fantastic directory for like-minded people and potential customers and I regularly notice clicks through to my website.’

Ella Mclachlan

Phoenix & Providence Skincare

‘I’ve just had a photoshoot wearing a FLINT jumpsuit. I would never have come across their beautiful work if I wasn’t part of TSLG community. Thank you for bringing us together!’

Jessica Collin

Cast & Found

‘I’ve only recently started to offer my work online. The opportunity to be listed in TSLG directory will definitely help me promote my work to the right audience and build my craft business.’

Tessa Hayward

Tessa Hayward Sculptures

‘Your words just make me stop and pause for a moment to reflect and the carefully curated small businesses in the directory just seem to have the perfect items for a meaningful purchase.

Bev Hillier

The Busy Baking Company

I’m very excited to be part of TSLG. I love the content and look of the website and it’s the first directory I’ve been included in that I feel aligns with our ethos and company values perfectly.

Sammy Sonnier

Blue Brontide