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Find inspiration how to embrace slow and seasonal living, and create more meaningful moments.

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Green Friday – eco-friendly alternatives to Black Friday

‘Green Friday’ is an anti-Black Friday movement that promotes more mindful gift shopping that is less harmful to the environment. It’s a collective term for initiatives that have the wellbeing of our planet at heart and it feels so much more aligned with the true meaning of the holiday season. 6 green(er) ways to go about your Christmas shopping this Friday (and after).

shopping bag with green branches sticking out
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How Life Is A Game Of Connecting The Dots

Vanessa Simpson is a photographer living in rural Somerset. Slowly building her photography business and looking back at the path that lead to where she finds herself today, she realises how the thread of her life’s encounters and events remind her of the game of connecting the dots.

Vanessa Simpson on a sofa - the connections we make in life
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A Spring Guide To Hygge | Bex Massey

People often associate hygge with cosy blankets, candles and crackling fires in Autumn and Winter, but hygge is really about celebrating the beauty of all of the seasons. Bex Massey shares some tips how to experience hygge in Spring...

two hands holding a spring wreath with twigs, flowers and eggs - a spring guide to hygge
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Preparing Your Garden For Spring

Winter is a frustrating time to be a gardener. It’s a period of enforced idleness, where you spend your days looking longingly out of rain splattered windows, and walking over frost-hardened soil wondering what treasures...

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Making The Most Of The Last Days Of Winter

There is something lovely about leaning into these last precious days of winter. Of making the most of a final guilt-free Sunday, cosied up in bed or under a pile of blankets on the settee, comforted by the knowledge that there is nothing better...

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A Slow And Meaningful Valentine

At first glance Valentine’s Day is not an obvious celebration for those with a slow living mindset. Yet, at its heart - beneath the pink fluff and generic vacuous messages - it’s a celebration of love. A chance to show the ones you love...

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Burns Night: A Mid-Winter Celebration

Celebrating the life and work of Scotland’s national bard, Burns' Night on January 25 is a welcome festivity in what can otherwise be a bleak and austere month. A chance to gather with friends, warm yourself with whisky and...