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Seasonal Home Renovation: When To Invest In Your Home

16 Jun 2024 | home & cosy, nature & seasons

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Preparing our homes for each season is an exciting way to welcome a new period of the year. Whether we add pumpkins and cosy lighting in the fall or bright colours and plants that love sunlight in the summer, we make adjustments to increase the comfort of our homes. 

However, decor is not the only way we can change our homes with the season. Did you know that when it comes to renovations or adjustments to your energy systems, there are some parts of the year that are more favourable than others? If you’re ready to make some changes, keep reading to find out when the best time would be to invest in your home. 

What changes can you make to your home?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the kind of big adjustments you can make to your home. Maybe you’re thinking of expanding your space with a conservatory, opening up your floorplan by removing a wall, or replacing your old boiler with a new one. 

Primarily, you will want to think about whether the renovations you make will be for practicality, aesthetic purposes, or both. Narrowing it down to these categories will help you determine what steps you need to take for your home improvement projects. 

Why should you consider seasonality for home renovations?

This might come as no surprise, but, like other areas of the market, home improvement goods and services have a different supply and demand throughout the year. Think for instance of interior renovations. Those are more popular during the summer months, when people can be outside more to avoid any disruptions that the construction work may create to the comfort of their homes. 

When a good or service is more sought after, it will also be more expensive. So, by being aware of when certain home renovations will cost more, you can bypass higher costs by planning your projects in the so-called off seasons for different products and construction or installation services.

When is the best time to make adjustments to your home?

The answer to this question will vary greatly depending on the renovation project you want to embark on. 

Interior renovations

For all interior renovations, the best time to make changes to your home is during the winter. This is because some materials and construction work services will be cheaper due to lower demand at this time. Just make sure that you can find a way to avoid the disruptions of the construction. Maybe stay at a friend’s house for a few days and try to be out when the work is being done. 

Energy systems

When it comes to changing your energy systems, the best moments to do so can be either during the winter or in the summer. If you’re looking to install solar panels, the colder months are when demand for this technology is lower. As a result, a 4kw solar system, which is generally enough to power an average household, will cost less in winter than it would in the summer. 

Heating systems

For heating systems, on the other hand, the summer is the best time to invest in new energy systems. This is because the general public isn’t thinking about heating when it’s so hot outside, making demand for appliances and services far lower. So, the costs of installing a new heating system will be lower than they would in the winter.

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What else do you need to consider? 

Now you know a bit more about the general trends on the market when it comes to the supply and demand of home renovation goods and services. But there are a few more things you need to keep in mind before making any adjustments to your home. 

Once you’ve settled on what changes you want to make, you will need to make a careful plan for each project. Be as detailed as possible and think of things like who will work on your home. Ask yourself how much you can do yourself, and how much the renovation will impact your daily life.

At the same time, you will have to give some careful consideration to your budget. Seasonality is an important factor that can reduce your renovation costs. However, you will still be making an investment in your home, so you can expect to spend quite a lot of money. 


Hopefully you are now inspired to make some adjustments to your home and are prepared to align your wishes with the seasons. By carefully planning when you’re going to make your changes, you can ensure that you’re not overspending on your renovation costs. 

And, more importantly, by investing in a new look or upgraded energy systems in due time, you will be able to enjoy them to the fullest when you need them most. So, make sure you start planning ahead of time to enjoy the comfort of your home every season!

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