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22 Apr 2022 | Spring Wreath Making Workshop (online)

with Anna Reddings  |  hosted by heiter magazine

Online Spring Wreath Making Workshop

Heiter Magazine presents this lovely online workshop to help you enjoy a wonderful slow moment of seasonal creativity.

Florist Anna Redding from Tales of Apple Tree House will teach you how to make your own foraged wreaths. The session is planned to run for about an hour and takes place on zoom.

Materials you need:

~Base if you have one by hand, alternatively bendable twigs
~Twine or wire
~Scissors or secateurs
~Moss (optional)
~Ribbon (optional)
~Plastic test tubes (optional)
~Flowers & foliage

If you can’t make it live, you will receive a replay after the session.

A note from Anna about the workshop: ‘I think the main point to get across here is that it doesn’t matter if your wreath doesn’t last long. It’s the making that is what we’re focusing on. Finding the items to create it with, being outside, considering, contemplating and focusing on what’s around and available to us. And then the process of creating. One of the beautiful things about nature and the changing seasons is that we have to wait for it, it doesn’t last for ever and we have to enjoy it in its moment and be totally present with it.’

Date: 22nd April 2022
Time: 11.00 am – 12.00 pm GMT
Place: online
£ 19

About Heiter Magazine

Heiter is a magazine that is all about helping you find and celebrate joyful moments in daily life. It focuses on the different aspects of a mindful lifestyle. Heiter sessions are part of the Heiter Society, a membership community that encourages heiter moments through creative & mindful workshops, networking sessions and more.

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Event details

Friday 22nd April 2022

11.00 am – 12.00 am GMT

£ 19

Hosted by
Heiter Magazine


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