Estelle Asselin - The Connective Space

Indoor, outdoor and online therapeutic support for individuals and small groups. Nature connection experiences for wellbeing and growth.


The Connective Space | Estelle Asselin

I'm Estelle Asselin, an integrative counsellor (indoor, outdoor and online) and a Nature & Forest therapy guide, based in London. I offer therapeutic support to individuals and forest bathing/deep nature connection experiences to small groups.

In my work with people, I'm interested in non-linear processes, the interconnectedness of life, embodiment and imagination. I'm passionate about helping them rediscover their less domesticated side and appreciate imperfection, slow time and daydreaming!

Alongside my work in private practice, I've collaborated with charities involved in mental health, nature conservation and community. And I've offered consultations to artists working on the theme of nature connection and kinship.

I also had the opportunity to give talks about forest therapy and contributed to research projects.