Astrid Bracke

Mentoring for small business owners who want to run a slower, gentler and more profitable business.


Astrid Bracke

I’m Astrid and I help small business owners create a slow, gentle and profitable business.

It can be hard to discover your way of doing business. I’m here to support you to create a business that nourishes you.

I’d love to help you create a business without the hustle: a business that allows for more time, space and quiet in your days. I’m here to support you to work with your own rhythms, energy and strengths, and to kick the ’shoulds’ to the curb. I’ll help you show up for your business in a way that feels good, including marketing in a non-icky way. And finally, I’ll be by your side to create a business that nourishes you financially, whether it’s a side-hustle, or whether you’re working in it full-time.

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