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How To Add Personality To Your Holiday Home

28 Jun 2024 | home & cosy, travel & explore

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While the British summer has been slow to arrive this year, owning a holiday home is still a luxury you’ll want to make the most of. Injecting personality into it can enhance each stay, whether you own a seaside cottage, a rustic mountain lodge or a countryside caravan. It could also boost your prospects if you plan to rent it out!

Here are five ways to put a stamp on your home away from home. 

1. Embrace the location

Natural surroundings and local culture offer plenty of interior design inspiration.

From static caravans in North Wales to Cornish cottages, if yours is a beachfront property, you might embrace a coastal palette full of blues, whites and sand tones. Keeping the walls’ colour palette neutral will allow the space to feel light. Airy and adding blues and light greys to furnishings will complement it perfectly. Transfer the theme throughout the home to enable consistency. 

In contrast, a countryside retreat lends itself to a different interior design. One that includes a warm colour palette with floral prints, and plush furniture. Add a large armchair or two by the fire, a quilted bedspread and dot antiques around the house for maximum countryside flair. 

Or if you’re up in the mountains, opt for earthy tones and rustic materials such as wood and stone.  Mountain retreats can often feel cold so use warm colours and lots of soft furnishings to create a cosy and inviting space. 

If you decide to rent yours out when you’re not using it, consider stocking the bookshelves with local authors and guidebooks. You could even leave welcome baskets filled with local treats!

2. Prioritise comfort 

What good is a holiday home if you can’t relax in it? While style is important, comfort is arguably even more so. Getting the right balance is key. 

Make sure you have ample seating to kick back in after long days exploring, such as large comfortable sofas and cosy armchairs. Keep in mind that durable materials are vital if you’re going to rent yours out.  If you are planning to rent out your holiday home and it’s large enough to accommodate a family, adding a dining table and enough chairs for everybody is a welcome touch. The option of single beds is also versatile adding appeal to both families and friends. 

Storage is also a must-have in a holiday home, as with any home you need somewhere to keep cleaning products and the vacuum cleaner. Having enough storage for you to unpack your suitcase is important for keeping the space clutter and stress-free. Having drawers and a wardrobe in the bedrooms and multi-functional furniture like ottomans and foldable tables in living spaces are handy options.

3. Personalise with artwork and photography

Artwork is a great addition to make a space feel like your own. 

Sticking with the local theme, why not support nearby artists by displaying their paintings, sculptures or crafts? You’ll add cohesive character as well as support the local economy. 

Photography is another way to add a personal touch, of course. You could display photos from your travels, including memorable moments spent at the property and in the surrounding area. 

If you are looking to rent the property, try and stick to more generic landscape photography and art that lends itself to the local area and interior design of the property. Personalising a holiday home can have a negative effect on rental.

the interior of a holiday home with personality

4. Add more special touches

With the walls covered, add more special touches with custom items, seasonal décor and entertainment options. 

For example, souvenirs and personalised knick-knacks such as custom signs can personalise any windowsill or furniture surface. You can also rotate certain items to suit the season, adding fairy lights and cosy throws in winter and fresh flowers in summer, for example. 

Keep a few of your favourite board games on hand all year round for fun in the evenings and days when the weather isn’t on your side. 

Be sure not to add too many extras to the space, overcrowding and area can lead it to feel cramped and cluttered. If you think it’s too much, it is!

5. Spruce up the outdoors

Kerb appeal is key, you have the inside looking lovely, and now it’s time to spruce up the outside. Start with the front of the property, do the walls need cleaning or a new lick of paint? 

Don’t neglect the garden or patio, especially if you’ve got a great view to enjoy! Aim to create an inviting outdoor space with comfortable seating (enough for everyone), colourful plants and stand-out entertainment features. 

For example, you could string up outdoor fairy lights or lanterns for a magical touch in the evenings. If space allows, consider adding a BBQ or fire pit for you and your guests to enjoy. Why not provide a hammock for sunbathing too?

Try to keep the outdoor space easy to maintain, if you don’t live close to the property you don’t want lots of grass that will need cutting in the summer or bushes that will need pruning. Making the garden secure is attractive to families with little children or a dog and if feasible off-street parking is always a bonus. 

Staycations might have dipped in 2023 as more Brits holidayed abroad again, but the UK still has plenty to offer. By following these tips, you can create a warm, inviting space to return to time and time again!

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