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Simple Living: Making A Smaller Home Work For Your Family

2 Jul 2024 | home & cosy, slow & simple

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Size isn’t everything when it comes to homes, sometimes less is truly more. In today’s real estate market, smaller houses provide many advantages ranging from cosiness to cost savings. Yet, families may feel cramped within such spaces. 

This blog offers some creative strategies and practical advice for simple living and making the most out of living in an intimate space while maintaining style.

Open up the space

Adopt minimalism and simple living

Minimalism isn’t just a design trend, it’s a lifestyle. Get rid of clutter and opt for quality over quantity when purchasing furniture. Think sofa beds with storage features or coffee tables equipped with hidden compartments that serve multiple functions. These will not only streamline your possessions but also free up precious square footage.

Utilise vertical storage

When floor space is scarce, look up. Vertical storage solutions such as tall shelves, hanging organisers and wall-mounted cabinets can drastically expand your home’s storage capacity. Utilise every inch of available vertical space from floor to ceiling for optimal organisation of your home and avoid clutter.

Consider breaking down internal walls

If your home’s layout allows, consider breaking down some interior walls to create an open-plan living area. Open-plan designs provide a sense of spaciousness while permitting more flexible furniture arrangements, helping small rooms feel much larger and welcoming.

Bunk bed with stairs

Smart design options

Light and bright colours 

Colour can have an incredible effect on how we perceive space. Choosing light neutral tones like whites, creams and pastels makes rooms seem larger and brighter. Pops of colour in your accessories or artwork add personality without overpowering the room.

Multifunctional furniture 

For optimal utility in your home, invest in multipurpose pieces like Murphy beds, extending dining tables and storage ottomans. These intelligent pieces allow you to maximise use without compromising comfort or style.

Bunk bed with stairs

A bunk bed with stairs offers both functionality and aesthetics when it comes to children’s bedrooms or guest bedrooms. As opposed to traditional ladder-equipped models, those featuring stairs offer safer and easier access to the top bed. In addition, many models feature built-in drawers or shelves offering extra storage solutions for toys, clothing or linens. This intelligent design not only conserves floor space while adding functionality.

Managing the mental load

Routine decluttering

Make decluttering part of your routine. Set aside time each month or quarter to go through your belongings and purge items that no longer serve a purpose. This prevents the build-up of clutter while leaving your home feeling spacious and airy.

Efficient cleaning

Living in a smaller house can make cleaning much simpler. Make the most of every space by creating a cleaning schedule tailored specifically for your family and involving everyone in chores so that the load is shared equally across your household.

Mindful living

Finally, adopt a mindful approach to your living situation. Consider all of its positives – reduced expenses and an eco-friendlier home. Gratitude for your home no matter its size will ensure a more fulfilling family life.


Living in a smaller house doesn’t require you to compromise comfort, style or functionality. By employing appropriate strategies such as minimalism, smart design choices, family-centric solutions and managing mental load efficiently, your compact home can become an intimate haven. Remember, the goal should not only be making your space work. It’s to make sure it works brilliantly for every member of your family. With some creativity and planning, your smaller house could make the ideal home.

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