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Cosy Ways To Stay Warm In Bed This Winter

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Undoubtedly, there’s nothing quite like the comforting embrace of warmth while nestled in bed. Whether you’re preparing for a restful night’s sleep or indulging in a leisurely lie-in, the desire to feel exceptionally cosy is paramount. However, achieving this level of comfort becomes more challenging during winter when temperatures plummet, and your bedroom might succumb to a chilly atmosphere. Instead of reveling in warmth, you find yourself shivering beneath the sheets.

This predicament is simply unacceptable if you’re all about getting cosy this winter! Your bed should be a sanctuary of comfort and tranquillity, especially during the winter months. To ensure you stay warm and snug, here are some ideas to consider: 

1. Set your heating on a timer

Sleeping with the heating on overnight is impractical, leading to energy wastage and potential discomfort from overheating. A practical alternative is to set the heating on a timer. Allow it to warm your bedroom 30-60 minutes before bedtime, creating a cosy ambiance. Turn it off while you sleep and activate it again 30-60 minutes before your alarm goes off. Ideally, this will result in waking up to a room as warm and inviting as a toasted marshmallow.

2. Invest in an electric blanket 

For those who prefer not to use central heating but still crave warmth in bed, an electric blanket is an excellent solution. Whether placed under or over you, it provides a delightful warmth. Opt for one with an automatic shutdown feature to alleviate concerns about it remaining on throughout the night. In the morning, re-engage it for a blissful start to your day.

3. Install thick winter curtains

While your chic blinds may be appealing in the summer, they prove ineffective in creating a cosy bedroom environment. Consider installing thick winter curtains to trap maximum heat within the room. Explore designs that complement the winter theme. If drafts persist despite the curtains, inspect your windows for potential issues and address them promptly.

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4. Opt for a proper winter duvet 

Surprisingly, not all duvets are created equal. Distinct variations exist for summer and winter use. Ensure you switch to a winter duvet for added warmth; its thicker composition offers a superior wrapping experience.

5. Indulge in fluffy winter pyjamas

Elevate your bedtime experience by investing in plush winter pyjamas. Widely available in various styles, these garments offer a warm and comforting embrace every evening. Beyond their functionality, these pyjamas are remarkably comfortable, making them suitable for lounging or relaxing by the fireplace. Consider adding some festive cheer with cute, fluffy Christmas pyjamas for an extra touch of cosiness.

6. Harness the power of a hot water bottle

An age-old remedy for banishing winter chills is the humble hot water bottle. Before retiring to bed, fill a hot water bottle with warm water and place it strategically between the sheets. The gradual release of heat creates a cocoon of warmth, ensuring your bed is invitingly snug. This classic method not only provides comfort but also promotes a restful night’s sleep. Invest in a quality hot water bottle with a secure stopper to prevent leaks, and embrace the timeless warmth it brings to your winter sanctuary.

Equip yourself with these strategies to combat the winter chill effectively. No longer will you endure chilly nights, and each morning will greet you with the snug embrace reminiscent of a bug in a rug. A word of caution: while this may enhance your cosiness, it may also make getting out of bed a more challenging task!

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