Red Bike Leatherworks

Charming, timeless leather pieces created by hand, stitch by stitch, and vegetable tanned. These bags are built to last and only get better with use.


Red Bike Leatherworks | Jess Laird

I am Jess Laird, founder of Red Bike Leatherworks and a second-generation leatherworker. My mum was a saddler, making and fixing equestrian items from her workshop at home – I remember helping to thread needles, cut straps and punch holes.

​As a disinterested teenager, little did I think that 20 years on, with a set of hand-me-down tools and some offcuts of leather, I would open Red Bike Leatherworks! Very little has changed. I use the same techniques, tools and materials that my mother used; I have simply swapped saddles for handbags!

​Buying from an independent craftsman promotes slow fashion. Working together with you, I will ensure that your item fits your lifestyle and, with a range of personalisation options, I am certain you will find the ideal product for you.