slow - simple - soulful - sustainable

Abby Monroe

Handmade seasonal products to support embracing a simpler, slower way of life and to engage with nature.


Abby Monroe

I'm Abby and I'm an artist and maker living and working in the English countryside. My current work was born out of a re-evaluation of how we live our lives, how we heal and how we grow. Embracing a simpler way of life, engaging with and supporting nature.

My creativity brought light into my darkness, hope into the bleakest of days and energy into my soul. I feel so lucky to have been supported and encouraged from a young age to follow a creative path. In the work that I make, I am always drawn back to where I started with texture, repair, renewal and have now returned to where my creative journey began. A bit older – certainly; a bit wiser – maybe; but with a strong focus on what is truly important to how I want to live my life.

Handmade in my studio employing traditional skills and processes. Designed specifically to support a simpler slower way of life, to engage with nature and the living world: to forage, to gather, to create.