Shelagh Brown

One of a kind, wearable art. Handspun knitwear and handwoven textiles, dyed and undyed British breed specific lambswool, silks and sustainable natural fibres.


Shelagh Brown

One of a kind, wearable art. My ‘paints’ are my handspun dyed and undyed British lambswool, silk and sustainable natural fibres. Dartmoor colours and textures

Contemporary artisan, slow textiles entirely handmade using spinning wheel, knitting needles, weaving looms. Handspun, handknitted unisex sweaters and hats. Handspun yarn. Handwoven scarves, cushions, bags.

Provenance is key. British bred lambswool and natural fibres sourced as locally as possible. Washed, processed, carded, dyed, blended, handspun, knitted, woven in my Dartmoor studio. End-of-line lambswool from local British wool mills. No waste.

Sixty-four British wool breeds perfect for knitwear, cloth, carpets, insulation, mulch. Warm, cool, fire-resistant, sustainable, biodegradable, recyclable, circular.