A delightfully light, delicate gin with a hint of citrus. The juniper and coriander provide a complex depth and warmth. The colour is a golden amber that changes to beautiful pink when mixed with tonic.


Tinkture | Hannah

I'm Hannah and Tinkture is the result of a personal journey into the provenance of alcohol and the best way to keep our bodies healthy on a night out. Looking for an answer, that is how my experiments began into cleaning up alcohol.

I wasn’t actually planning on creating a Pink Gin – I was really working on a rather different concoction (something we are still working on and very excited about but you will have to wait a moment until it’s ready).  I was playing with flavours and fresh ingredients including English Roses, trying all sorts of different combinations, processes and distilling methods.

One of these recipes was quite simply beautiful. The taste was like nothing I had ever experienced before, the subtlety of the fresh Roses and the lingering warm caress of the gin – and then, when I mixed this strange Amber Golden elixir with tonic it revealed it’s true colour – a delightful, exuberant pink!

It was just too good to ignore or put in the corner. So here it is – you’ve discovered my accidental classic: Cornish Rose Gin.