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How To Source Print Services For Lifestyle Brands

26 May 2024 | small business

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When it comes to promoting a lifestyle brand, using quality printed materials can have a significant impact. From brochures and business cards to packaging and promotional items, print services play a role in conveying your brand’s message and style. However, finding the right print services for your lifestyle brand can be quite challenging.

In this article, we will discuss some tips to assist you in locating the print partner for your brand.

Understanding your brand’s needs

Before diving into print sourcing, it’s vital to know what your brand needs. Assess the printed materials you use or plan to use: business cards, catalogues, labels, or even unique items like personalised packaging or merchandise. Understanding your requirements helps you find a print service provider specialising in what you need.

Researching potential print service providers

Once you have defined your requirements, research print service providers matching your brand’s values and aesthetics. Look for providers with experience working with lifestyle brands or those who prioritise creativity and innovation. In your search for print service providers, it’s important to review their online presence and sample works to find those that blend both functionality and style.

Assessing production capabilities

As you narrow down your options for print partners, it’s vital to assess their production capabilities. Check if they have the tools and techniques to create top-notch prints on materials efficiently. If you need printing methods like foil stamping or embossing to enhance your brand image, ensure the provider you choose has expertise in these areas.

Ensuring quality standards

Ensuring top-notch quality in all printed materials is essential for any lifestyle brand. Before making your choice, inquire about the quality control measures each print procurement provider implements. Find out if they utilise colour management systems for accurate colour reproduction and conduct rigorous quality checks during production. Understanding their commitment to delivering excellent results will boost your confidence in their services.

Embracing sustainability and environmental awareness

In today’s world, sustainability plays a role for lifestyle brands. If your brand values eco-friendliness, it’s important to collaborate with print providers who share these values.

When searching for printing companies, it’s beneficial to choose ones that prioritise sustainability by using eco-friendly inks, recycling materials, and employing clean energy methods. Collaborating with such partners can boost your brand’s image while also benefiting the environment.

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Pricing and turnaround time

Consider both quality and cost when selecting a print service provider. Get quotes from multiple companies and compare factors like printing options, materials, production times, and additional services. It’s essential to know their turnaround time for order fulfilment, as meeting deadlines is crucial in the lifestyle brand business.

Customer service and communication

Good customer service is key when working with a print service provider. Make sure they are responsive to your queries and concerns throughout the printing process. Test their communication during discussions or emails before finalising your choice. Establish communication channels to ensure smooth operations and prevent misunderstandings later.

Seek recommendations and reviews

Don’t overlook the value of seeking recommendations from peers or checking reviews of potential print service providers. Getting feedback from sources can provide insights into their professionalism and assist you in making a well-informed decision with more confidence.

Efficient order processing

When looking for print services for lifestyle brands, it’s important to have an efficient order processing system in place. Seek out providers that offer easy-to-use platforms or software that allow you to submit printing requests, upload files, make changes, and monitor your orders’ progress seamlessly. A crafted platform with instructions and user-friendly navigation can save you time and ensure a productive partnership with the print service provider.

Customisation capabilities

Lifestyle brands often need customised printing materials that reflect their brand identity and messaging. Whether it involves colour schemes, distinctive fonts, or special design elements, selecting a print service provider for handling customisation is key. Assess their flexibility in accommodating personalised requests and inquire about their proficiency in managing design alterations or developing tailor-made solutions. Customising your prints to match your brand’s specifications will help you differentiate yourself from competitors and leave an impression on your clientele.


Selecting the printing services for your lifestyle brand necessitates research and evaluation of several factors, including quality assurance practices, sustainability efforts, production capabilities, pricing considerations, customer service standards, and more. These guidelines will aid you in pinpointing the printing partner that aligns with your brand’s needs while delivering suitable outcomes. By dedicating time to finding the printing service provider, you can enhance your brand’s identity and leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

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