The Green Company

Eco-friendly condensed detergents, conditioners, and household cleaning sprays.


The Green Company | Emilio and Kieran


We are Emilio and Kieran, co-founders of The Green Company, based in Scotland.

The Green Company was born from our passion for a sustainable future and our commitment to reducing plastic waste and carbon emissions. Inspired by nature and the urgent need for eco-friendly alternatives, we created GreenSheets™.

Our GreenSheets™ are highly concentrated, eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets. They're plastic-free, travel-friendly, and packaged in space-saving designs. With natural ingredients, they're gentle on your skin and tough on stains, offering an effective, sustainable solution for your laundry needs.

At The Green Company, we believe in making green choices accessible and convenient for everyone. Our mission is to provide practical, planet-friendly products that simplify your life while caring for the environment.

Join us in embracing a greener future, one sheet at a time.

The future of clean is green.