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Winter Home Comfort: Your Guide To An Eco-Friendly Cosy Home

1 Nov 2023 | home & cosy

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In the UK, we’re accustomed to cold winters. However, this doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort or sustainability to ensure warmth and cosiness – those small yet essential elements that contribute to our overall well-being.

The essence of slow living revolves around appreciating the little and simple joys in life. At times, these modest aspects surrounding us can usher in significant changes, making our lives considerably more comfortable. Follow our guide to infuse warmth into every aspect of your life during the frosty wintertime.

Invest in insulation

Insulation stands out as one of the best methods to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Various types of insulation are available, so it’s crucial to choose the right type for your home and budget. Popular types include attic insulation, wall insulation, and floor insulation. You could begin by addressing drafts; inspect your windows and doors for any gaps and seal them with caulk or weatherstripping. Draft stoppers can also be used to block drafts under doors.

Consider replacing your existing curtains with energy-efficient ones. These curtains are designed to provide extra insulation and can significantly reduce heat loss. Some even come with thermal linings to help keep your home warmer during the winter months. Opt for heavy and well-insulated curtains that match your interior decor.

Utilize natural light

Open your curtains and blinds during the day to allow sunlight to naturally warm up your home. Sunlight not only elevates your mood but also enhances overall well-being. Position your furniture near windows to soak up sunlight during the day.

Going light-free in the evening may not be easy, but you can adopt a greener approach. Energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs consume less energy than traditional ones, reducing your energy consumption and saving you money on bills. Alternatively, closing curtains at night helps to retain heat within your home, and heavy curtains or drapes further enhance insulation.

Place solar panels

Solar panels can be a beautiful addition to your home, provided you choose a design that complements your home’s style. They are an excellent way to generate renewable energy. Some solar panel installers use recycled or sustainable materials like reclaimed wood or bamboo for installation.

While the initial cost can be high, they lead to long-term energy bill savings. Choosing a local installer not only saves costs but also supports the local economy and reduces the environmental impact of transporting solar panels. Moreover, an installer can guide you through solar battery system costs in the UK, allowing you to save on heating while generating extra energy to sell back to the grid, creating a win-win scenario.

Install a smart thermostat

Consider upgrading your thermostat to a smart one. Smart thermostats can learn your heating preferences and adapt to your schedule, helping you maintain an optimal temperature without wasting energy. They can also be controlled remotely through a smartphone app, allowing you to adjust the temperature when you’re away from home. This can lead to significant energy savings and a more comfortable living environment.

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Integrate rugs and carpets

Rugs and carpets insulate your floors and make your home feel warmer. Opt for rugs and carpets made from natural materials such as wool or cotton. Alternatively, consider beautiful and sustainable materials like reclaimed wood or bamboo when choosing home decor items.

Strategically placing area rugs in high-traffic areas can help insulate your floors and create a cozier atmosphere. Additionally, keep soft, warm blankets on your sofas and chairs, making it easy to snuggle up and stay warm while reducing the need for excessive heating.

Harness the power of your fireplace

If you have a fireplace, make the most of it. Fireplaces are an efficient way to heat a room quickly. Ensure you use a fire screen to prevent sparks from escaping. To maximize your fireplace’s effectiveness, remember to close doors to other rooms in your house while keeping the vents in the room with the fireplace open to allow warm air circulation.

Dress warmly

Don a cosy sweater or a pair of comfortable socks. Wearing layers allows you to adjust your clothing as needed, providing an opportunity to create a warm and cosy home look. You don’t need to splurge on new items; check your local second-hand shops to build your unique style while staying eco-friendly.

Drink hot beverages and eat warming foods

Sip on hot tea, coffee, or gluhwein to warm up on chilly days. Experiment with various hot beverages and warming foods to create your traditions and reduce waste. Consider getting a thermos cup to keep your drinks warm while watching a film or commuting, reducing waste, and helping the planet. Preparing dishes like soup, stew, and chili can also warm you from the inside out, especially if you stock up on seasonal ingredients.

Sustainable living need not be austere or uncomfortable. In fact, it can be easy, cosy, and enjoyable when approached correctly. Remember, it’s a journey, not a destination. Start by making small changes in your daily life, and you’ll be on your way to a cosier and more sustainable lifestyle. Make time to savour activities like cooking, reading, or spending time with loved ones to warm your heart and soul, connecting with the world around you. As the weather gets colder, these tips will help you create a cozy space that keeps you warm all winter long.

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