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Encouraging and enabling you to create a home that nurtures and supports you through focus on home and wellbeing. Make a home that feels good as well as looks good.


Becky Hirt Interiors | Becky Hirt

I am passionate about designing homes that support our wellbeing.

My own life experience has taught me how fundamental home is to our ability to thrive. We all need a safe place in which we can explore who we are, connect to what's important, and create foundations for life.

With a strong emphasis on biophilic design (which recognises the impact of the natural world on us) and sustainability, I can help you to: plan and visualise an interior design; source furniture, furnishings and fittings; choose a colour scheme; and style the space so that it really feels the way you want it to.

When I work with clients I bring my heart, mind and instincts to the job. I want you to experience for yourself the joy and satisfaction that comes from creating a home that fits you like a glove. Think of me as your guide on this interior design journey.

Whilst I love the practical side of interior design, I am also write regularly on Instagram and elsewhere about the benefits it could and should have for all of us.

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