Ink & Page

Handbound notebooks, blockprints and letterpress greetings cards, tuition in bookbinding, printing and keeping a notebook.


Ink & Page | David & Kim

We met as studio neighbours: a mandolin playing bookbinder and a poet who paints. We shared a passion for making, for the environment and for each other.

We ran away to Dorset, restored an orchard and acquired as many craft skills as we could master, sourcing materials directly from the land. This connection to nature cultivated mindfulness and convinced us of the need to bring creativity into everyday life and for many years we ran environmental learning projects that did just that.

In 2018 we set up our makers' shop with a bookbindery upstairs and a printing press downstairs that gets wheeled out on the days we're closed. Our books are only the beginning of a journey, we craft them for you to complete with your observations, sketches, notes, anything that seasons your days with creativity. We share the delights of making, offering tuition in bookbinding, printing and keeping a notebook.