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Natural body care made from natural ingredients infused with essential oils for an aromatherapy experience. Three scent profiles in plastic-free packaging.


Ksoni | Joti & Banasa

Ksoni means ‘Earth’ in Sanskrit – and our individual experiences tackling plastic waste and its impact on the earth inspired us to start this business together!

For Joti it was witnessing an immense amount of plastic waste during a dive trip in South East Asia in 2017 after several years working in large consulting firms with huge eco footprints. She returned to the UK with a renewed drive to cut plastic out of her life after seeing first-hand the impact it is having on our beautiful oceans.

For Banasa it was working in health & wellness businesses throughout her career. She observed growing numbers of consumers who wanted to purchase products that made a positive impact on the environment but felt they were lacking in options that actually worked for their diverse bodies or lifestyles.

We set ourselves a huge challenge to launch a 100% plastic-free product, which is no easy feat in the bathroom! From there Ksoni was born.