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Lily & Bramble

Beautiful, high quality art prints and greeting cards for your home and loved ones, inspired by the beauty of nature and inviting you to pause and wonder.


Lily & Bramble | Enyo Agada

My name is Enyo and I’m a Manchester based abstract landscape artist, creating intuitive and expressive art inspired by creation. I have always been caught up in wonder of creation itself. I’ve often stopped just to watch the sun catch the trees or to listen to the rushing of a wild river. I get lost in the wonders of the sea and the depths that I can never know. I’ve had the breath knocked out of me, more times than I can count at the views from a hillside or mountain.

Creation has always been a healing and restorative process for me, and my own journey of creating has been no different. Each piece I paint, is a small testimony from my day, the highs and lows, they are each reflections of my inner world.

I love working with collectors to create a completely bespoke piece of art for any occasion- whether as a gift or to add to their own private collections in their homes.

Over the years, I’ve seen the beauty that can be birthed from the brambles and seen that lilies can sprout up in the harshest of wildernesses. I invite you to get lost in wonder with me.