Mary Maddocks

Woven tapestries and jewellery inspired by the natural world. The weaving kits and weaving workshops are perfect for beginners hoping to learn the basics of this lovely craft.


Mary Maddocks | Mary

I am Mary Maddocks, a textile artist and lifestyle blogger living in South East London with my husband Raoul, our baby son and our two cats Bobby and Bruce.

My textile art combines a passion for woven crafts with a lifelong love of the natural world; I create wall hangings and woven jewellery inspired and informed by natural landscapes and textures. I am particularly drawn to the landscapes of West Wales and the Scottish Highlands, places that hold a special magic for me and where I have spent many happy days.

I believe that the act of making can make us forget ourselves, liberate our minds and allow us to appreciate the simpler pleasures of life. On my website I share my love of crafting, from making seasonal wreaths, handmade Christmas decorations, objects to personalise and decorate the home, handmade presents and greetings cards and lots of other things!