The Old Rectory Clothing

Beautiful and comfortable simple linen and cotton clothing, thoughtfully and slowly made by hand for grown-ups and children.


The Old Rectory Clothing | Eleanor

The Old Rectory Clothing Co is a small Dorset based company set up by me, mother of three, Eleanor. Having studied textiles at school, I have always enjoyed sewing and being creative and when the children came along, I found making things for them was such an enjoyable way to not only relax, but also provide them with individual, thoughtfully made things that they will hopefully cherish forever.

I am trying to instill the ethos of ‘buying less & choosing well’ (and local where possible) in my children and although this may mean spending a bit more initially, I find that things that are lovingly designed and handmade are made to last and are so much more greatly treasured. This not only reduces waste but also encourages our children to learn to place value in things and move away from this ‘throw away culture’.

The Old Rectory Clothing Co seeks to encompass all these values and I take such pleasure in designing clothes, choosing fabrics, making items and then seeing children running around ‘being children’ in things I have made.