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How To Practice Slow Living With Kids

17 Apr 2023 | slow & simple

Slow living is a mindful return to what human existence should be, which isn’t organised into tidy boxes on a planner. This lifestyle is about fully experiencing the present moment instead of rushing through one thing simply to get to the next. 

It’s perfect for parents. After all, your children are only young for a few brief moments in time. Practicing slow living with your kids lets them enjoy their youth while you savour each precious second of their growth. 

However, the modern world is ill-suited to such lifestyles. It’s harder than ever to slow down as wages sink and expenses rise, and modern technology invites you to solve these problems by hustling harder for longer, paying little heed to the life you lose when fighting to earn a living. Embracing the movement takes intention and forethought. 


Do you struggle to get your kids to put down their devices, even if you’ve established rules governing their use? Unplugging is critical to slow living.

Reflect briefly on the many innovations that have occurred during your lifetime. The internet went from dial-up to the present, where there’s an app for everything — except creating more hours in a day. 

Has all this time-saving tech honestly given you more minutes? Quite the opposite — you’re probably working longer and harder than ever. Chances are, your gadgets have trapped you in a hyperproductive state, even denying you rest when sick. Many people must now work from home instead of taking a single day to recuperate in bed.  

If you want to get your kids off their gadgets without a battle, why not go where the internet doesn’t reach? Such areas are getting tougher to find, but the great outdoors offers one solution. Enjoy the few remaining Wi-Fi-free spaces before satellites connect the entire planet.

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Live Naturally

If you want to live a slower lifestyle, try connecting with nature in your daily life. In today’s world, we don’t always have the opportunity to be in nature very often, as we go from home to work or school and back home again. However, there are ways you can bring nature to you, even in a hectic, modern schedule.

Instead of relying on the grocery store or delivery services, why not start a garden to grow your own food? Teaching your children to garden can be a fun and peaceful bonding opportunity. If you can’t grow food where you live, try growing herbs or flowers in your kitchen or patio. You can use them to make your own soap, which can help you avoid harsh chemicals that cause eczema, allergies and irritation for children.

Even simple things like opening the windows or having a picnic in the backyard can help your family slow down and appreciate the world around you.

Practice Mindfulness as a Family 

When was the last time you sat at the kitchen table and coloured a picture with your 5-year-old or blew bubbles in the backyard, letting your puppy pop them? Such activities aren’t fillers or fluff — they’re valuable opportunities to practice mindfulness as a family. 

Practicing mindfulness with your kids encourages slow living by giving the requisite time for introspection. Most people who do this realize life isn’t something to rush through like an endless to-do list but a precious gift to be savoured, enjoyed and respected. 

What are some other ways to practice mindfulness with your kids? Try these ideas:

Find cloud animals: What creative shapes can you see in the sky? 

Create mindful fidget spinners: Use sensory objects like balloons, glitter-filled bottles or the ever-popular origami fortune tellers as a mindful craft. 

Read: Reading together is a mindful activity. It’s even better if you read books about slow living and mindfulness. 

Your kids can even practice yoga and meditation. These activities have no age limit. Schools that have implemented such practices instead of detention have seen impressive improvements in behaviour. Therefore, if you like to pull out your mat, get a tyke-sized one for your toddler and teach them to practice alternate-nostril breathing or round their spine like a Halloween kitty. 

Look for ways to incorporate mindfulness into daily living. For example, cooking dinner with your child can become a meditative activity when you focus on the taste and texture of the various ingredients and how they change as they blend. 

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Practicing Slow Living With Kids 

The modern world is in a big hurry, and people — including kids — feel the crushing burden. Rushing around in a stressed panic isn’t good for physical or emotional health at any age. 

Instead, practice slow living with your kids using these tips. Enjoy better health while savouring every precious youthful moment.

Contributing TSLG Writer: Cora Gold – Revivalist Magazine

Cora Gold is a simple living blogger and the Editor-in-Chief of women’s lifestyle magazine, Revivalist. Connect with Cora on Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. 

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