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Tips For Bringing More Nature Into Your Home

21 Apr 2023 | home & cosy

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Would you like to bring more nature into your home? To create an aesthetically pleasing home that also allows you to enjoy the benefits of nature? 

In recent years there has been a trend of incorporating greenery into the home. Creating welcoming indoor-outdoor living spaces allows you to benefit from the therapeutic properties of the outdoors within the comfort of your own home.

If this sounds appealing to you, then you can find some tips for creating a home that welcomes nature while enjoying all its benefits.

Increase natural light

Dark, closed-off homes can be detrimental to your mental health and take away some of the enjoyment from your home. Being able to flood places with natural light means you can benefit from the sun’s rays and ensure your home is well-lit. Move large items away from windows, add skylights, and even place mirrors opposite windows or darker places to reflect light. These are all great ways to increase natural light within your home.

Sliding doors

More and more kitchen renovations are featuring sliding or bifold doors. This allows the home, most typically the kitchen or dining areas, to be opened up. It increases space and combines the indoors with external landscaping and entertaining spaces. Adding aluminium sliding doors to your home allows for greater expanses of light to enter (to support the above point). It gives you a clear, unfiltered view out of your home and into your outside space.

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The fastest way to bring nature into your home is to add greenery to your living area. Plants are known to have many health benefits. Some purify the air in any given space, others simply allow you to relax in their comforting presence. Just unwind by merely enjoying them. Plants give your home an added health and design element. You can incorporate them into your home in many different ways depending on your style and how proficient you are at keeping them alive. Studies have shown plants can increase creativity, reduce stress and boost your mood.

If you really want to add a wow factor with pants, why not look into adding a living wall to your home? This is a wall that is covered with greenery on a vertical structure with a growth medium such as soil and is watered using hydroponics.

Use natural fibres

Lastly, one excellent way of adding nature to your home is to use natural fibres and materials for furniture and decor. From twine to cotton, jute, and bamboo, you can incorporate all of these materials into your home in different ways. For example, both bamboo and reed can provide excellent wooden panelling for walls, while cotton is perfect for soft furnishings. Jute can be used for rugs and upholstery for a more natural vibe for your home decor.

For example, use more wood in your home styling for furniture or flooring, and incorporate the grain and texture into your design for an added health benefit. Studies have shown that seeing the wood grain can boost your mood. So for that feel-good vibe, adding wooden elements is essential. You don’t even need real wood; simply the look and visual aspect of the wood grain is enough.


Bringing the natural element indoors can offer you many benefits. Not all of these are simply stylistic choices. You can experience many mental and physical health benefits by increasing light in your home and adding plants for cleaner air.

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