Feather & Hay

Hand woven scarves, shawls, baby wraps and commissioned fabrics, inspired by the unique beauty of the Scottish landscape and celebrating our connection with the natural world and rhythm of the seasons.


Feather & Hay | Georgina Clackworthy

I’m Georgina and I create limited edition textiles by hand. I weave my textiles on Feather & Hay’s floor loom in Scotland, using especially sourced and high-quality raw materials. Yarns are carefully selected for their texture and quality, dyed to the perfect palette then hand woven and individually created to be one off pieces. Each piece tells its own story.

As a farmer’s daughter, I spent my childhood outside in the countryside. My days were filled with finding the lonely places, paddling in streams and creating a make-believe world in wild places where the trees grew tall and the rules of adults were far away.

My inspiration is nature, the landscape or the seasonal flows and rhythms. My creations immerse the wearer in the power of wild; summoning the magic of a colour, texture or pattern. This is slow fashion – or rather fashion with heart.