Naked Clay Ceramics

Black stoneware and white porcelain tableware. Simple to look at, lovely to hold, each item is one of a kind.


Naked Clay Ceramics | Carla Sealey

My name is Carla. Inspired by the natural colours and textures of the earth, Naked Clay Ceramics is a collection of quiet, tactile, minimal style tableware and homeware in black stoneware and white porcelain.

Using a combination of handbuilding and slip casting, everything is made by hand in my studio in Bedfordshire.

At high temperatures the clay dances in the kiln. When they leave the kiln these pieces don’t conform to the symmetrical perfection and uniformity found in factory made items. Each is individual and unique.

The pieces are fired with no glaze on the outside so that the feel of the natural, fired clay can be appreciated. I hope that tactile connection brings an opportunity to pause, breathe and savour a small moment in the hustle and bustle of life.