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A Slow And Meaningful Valentine

4 Feb 2020

hearts decorations for a slow and meaningful valentine


At first glance Valentine’s Day is not an obvious celebration for those with a slow living mindset. It’s a day that has been commandeered by Hallmark, chemical-laden red roses, and useless teddy bears. It represents, in many ways, the worst of unsustainable consumerism, telling people that they must buy things that the receiver has no use for, and indeed no real desire for either.

Yet, at its heart – beneath the pink fluff and generic vacuous messages – it’s a celebration of love. A chance to show the ones you love that they matter and that you care. A day to appreciate the important people in your life, and to make and share memories of love. And that is lovely. And definitely in keeping with the slow living ethos of prioritising the things that really do matter.

So if you’d like to celebrate love, real love, in all its myriad of forms and turn it into a slow and meaningful Valentine’s Day, then here are some ideas from The Slow Living Guide.

valentine's card from The Hidden Pearl

So Very Grateful envelopes and cards | The Hidden Pearl Studio 

This simple message of gratefulness will always be well received, and a handwritten note really is the oldest, and loveliest, way of showing that you care.

candle making kit

Calm & Cosy soy candle-making kit | Hazel & Blue 

Rather than give someone a scented candle, give them the means to make that candle for themselves. I love that this kit contains everything you need to make two, so you can make them together – sharing the experience, and then think of the other as you burn your finished candle.

a present wrapped in linen cloth on a table

Reusable linen gift wrap in dusky pink | Folds Wrap

Show you care for the environment as well as the person you are giving a gift to with this reusable linen gift wrap. An ingenious and beautiful way of avoiding un-recyclable wrapping materials.

two carved mugs on a table

Carved mug | Hilda Carr Pottery

Giving something that someone will use everyday is a lovely way of making ordinary moments that bit more special. These beautiful mugs make a tea or coffee drinking into a delightful ritual, and make you a part of their every day.

silhouette portraits of two kids

Ink Silhouette | Little Peach Portraits 

A beautiful gift for your fellow parent, and one that captures their love for your child along with your love for them both.

sunset at elmsley nature reserve

The Stillness Retreat | Nature Sessions 

The most important person to love is always yourself, so why not treat yourself to a weekend of stillness and calm at Elmley Nature Reserve in the Spring. With yoga, meditation and wild swimming, it’s a weekend designed to bring you back to yourself, and back to nature.

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heart decorations for a slow and meaningful valentine
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As a creative business mentor and brand strategist, Fiona helps creative business owners get through the difficult, sticky patches in their creative businesses and lives, find clarity and build momentum. She’s also a writer, the maker of the There Are Other Ways podcast, and an enthusiast of coffee shops, carrot cake and beeswax candles. She’s based in Frome, Somerset, but works with creatives all over the world.